Welcome to the Doors of MainStrasse

For a delightful afternoon experience visit us in MainStrasse Village in Covington, Kentucky. Spend some time shopping in charming little shops, dining at any of our varied selection of restaurants and then you can stroll about in search of all the little fairy doors tucked away throughout the Village. MainStrasse Village is an historic village located just across the river from Cincinnati.




Our fairy's name is "Pin Curl" or as we like to call her "Pinny". She comes through her tiny door long after the lights have been turned off and the salon has closed. Her mission . . . to clean the shop. She sweeps floors, washes combs and brushes, folds towels to ensure that our following day in the shop "rolls" smoothly.

Pinny has never actually been seen doing these things but we know that it is her!!!
"Lejeau,the diminutive fair-haired fairy,learned eons ago,deep in the family
jewel forest,that it is better to give than to receive. She deposits her
fabulous jewels upon this door for all to enjoy; as a result all who view this
door great fortune awaits them. Lejeau's motto is "il vaut mieux de donner que
pour recevoir" (it is better to give than to receive")"
This door is all that’s left…what started out as just a kitchen changed into quite the complex and we left this door out for the garbage men.

Traveling from the Fast East, fairies have come to collect the priceless swallows nests from high rood tops and cliffs, dangerous work best left to them.

This door, a replica of the Official Swallows Nest Bureau in Hoi Ann, Vietnam, is the place fairies will bring the swallows nest and trade them for gold.


It was just short of 100 years ago, that a certain leprechaun trudged through the darkness of night to Saint Pattie Church at the corner of Fifth and Philadelphia streets in MainStrasse Village. With just a sliver of moonlight to work with, he quietly buried his pot of gold somewhere under the church. The church was long ago replaced by busy streets and office buildings but every February 17 under cover of darkness, the leprechaun returns to look for his pot of gold. Disappointed every year and overwhelmed with the changes that have come about in the Village, he promises himself that he will continue to return until he finds his pot of gold.

What could be more fun than to be transported by a big blue magical butterfly to your new home!!

This guy comes from deep in the forest and it was really difficult to get him to venture out into the cosmopolitan area where MainStrasse Village is located. He feels a bit shy about the whole thing!

The House of Cats Door

Peek inside - chaos rules in this little fairy house - cats swinging from the chandeliers, tipping the wine glasses, need I say more - Cats rule here!


People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
But if they do, we'll fix it!!!

Restoration, repair and new construction prevail at
The Morning Glory fairy welcomes weary fairy travelers  from near and fary to her cozy little Bed & Breakfast in ye olde MainStrasse Village.  In the morning, she serves them a scrumptious vegetarian breakfast, that in the summertime, includes veges fresh-picked from the community garden next door.  She happily chats with her guests about this and that, and then sends them off with a blessing for happy travels when it’s time for them to leave.  The Morning Glory fairy holds a dream of peace and good will for all who live in her village and spreads those wishes wherever she goes.


This door may look ordinary but don’t be surprised if you see feline friends using it to visit the MainStrasse neighborhood.   The tree is an
easy climb for a feline, the door and easy pat for a cat.   Behind this portal lays another world in which kitties rule.   Cats keep people as domestic pets and there is no cat proofing.   "Wait, that's my house!"


Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

Sunshine lives behind our door at 406 West 6th Street. Each morning she peeks out and hangs the sun from a cloud. She sends showers of lollipops down on the Village whenever she sees someone being kind. And then she paints a rainbow in the sky to remind us all that kindness is just waiting to paint a rainbow in your heart, too.


Dizzy & Louis live by the tracks

Playing the sounds

Recording the tracks

That generations would dig

Cool and smooth

And hot and raw

The blues, the bop

The boogie, the woogie

Under the stars with olives

Strasse Dog

Wanda the Woodlands Witch wishes that all the wee folk would be as tidy as she is. Every morning after her breakfast of porridge she trudges about with her broom and her rake to make sure that the woods is free of any debris left from the wee folks who come out to dance and sing in the wee small hours of the morning. Sometimes, they have so much fun dancing and singing that they are too worn out to sweep and rake the woodlands floor before they hurry to their homes. They are so glad that Wanda takes such good care of the woodlands.

For approximately 163 years, Tulip and Robert Sebastian Manchester have been partners in their botanical development business – Blossoms, Branches and Bees. Since many fairies are vegetarian, their work is important. With the recent, widely observed – and unexplained – demise of honey bee colonies, Tulip has refined and improved her pollen collecting ability to sustain their vital research. Returning from her early morning rounds, Tulip and “Bob” look forward to sharing the Main Strasse news that Tulip gathers along with the day’s supply of pollen.


On Pershing Avenue in a little tree with a little door lives a good luck pixie. We have never seen her but we know she is there because of all the good luck she has bestowed upon those that live there. Maybe someday when you are passing by you might see a twinkle and you will also have good luck!

Once upon a long time ago, Ray met Debbie, fell in love and married in 1974, thus the establishment of the Reinhart housefold! Just ask Ray, it has been "marital bliss" ever since! In 1998 the Reinhart's sold the surburban house and moved to the wonderful city of Covington. They are living happily ever after in their condo overlooking the city of Cincinnati, Covington and the Mainstrasse. City life is good especially their time spent in the Mainstrasse Village enjoying the great restaurants and friendly merchants.

Munchkins and woodland folk certainly know how to swing for the fences! They don't get discouraged if they strike out - they just step up to the plate again! Maybe they have a lesson for we humans to learn!