Welcome to the Doors of MainStrasse

For a delightful afternoon experience visit us in MainStrasse Village in Covington, Kentucky. Spend some time shopping in charming little shops, dining at any of our varied selection of restaurants and then you can stroll about in search of all the little fairy doors tucked away throughout the Village. MainStrasse Village is an historic village located just across the river from Cincinnati.


The Story of the Doors of MainStrasse

Once upon a time, the Wee Fairy Folk - the munchkins, fairies, pixies, gremlins and elves asked Wanda the Woodlands Witch to find a suitable place for them to live. You see, these Wee Folk were being driven out of their current home by unhappy humans who were always fighting among themselves.

Wanda the Woodlands Witch began searching – the Wee Folk wanted a place where they would be happy and could stay for a long time. Wanda the Woodlands Witch, who loved traveling by water, began a trek down the Ohio River. As she neared a blue bridge she heard the bridge singing! Thinking that this was a good omen, she quickly landed and began to look about.

As she trekked westward, she heard bell chimes coming from a Clock Tower located at the end of a boulevard. When she saw the beautiful Goose Girl Fountain, she realized that she was in a place called MainStrasse Village. She was so excited to find such a lovely place that she immediately sent a message to the Good Witch of the West asking her to declare “that MainStrasse Village was indeed the thriving, happy, harmonious and beautiful place that the wee fairy folk were longing for.’

Quietly departing from the Village, she left a note under a railroad trestle “your village has been chosen by the Wee Fairy Folk – munchkins, fairies, pixies, gremlins and elves – for their new home. “

When the people of the Village realized that soon wee fairy folk would be coming in droves, they knew that they must work together to make them feel welcome. And so, they began decorating and installing tiny fairy doors on buildings and in gardens all over the Village.

When the Village Mayor realized how proud his people were of the doors, he proclaimed that people from near and far should come to see the beautiful fairy doors. If only they had a map of the doors. Alas, near the fountain, they found that Gabador, the Elf had done the work for them by creating this map for you.

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