Welcome to the Doors of MainStrasse

For a delightful afternoon experience visit us in MainStrasse Village in Covington, Kentucky. Spend some time shopping in charming little shops, dining at any of our varied selection of restaurants and then you can stroll about in search of all the little fairy doors tucked away throughout the Village. MainStrasse Village is an historic village located just across the river from Cincinnati.


When the Happy Heart Princess came to live in MainStrasse Village, she knew that she had truly followed her heart to the place where she was meant to stay. Being a Princess, she knew that one of her regal duties was to spread happiness among the Village people. As the days and weeks passed, she gathered happiness from the trees, the flowers, the sunshine and the clouds in the sky. It seemed like just as soon as she gathered happiness, she would find someone who needed some and so she would share her happiness with them. Funny thing, how the more happiness she gave away, the more happiness she had. Soon there was so much happiness flowing through the Village that the wee fairy folk began to hear about it. They wanted to be a part of this Happy Village. And that is why they are coming in droves to the Village of MainStrasse.

The Happy Heart Princess lives in a 100 year old house with her creator, Stoney.

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