Welcome to the Doors of MainStrasse

For a delightful afternoon experience visit us in MainStrasse Village in Covington, Kentucky. Spend some time shopping in charming little shops, dining at any of our varied selection of restaurants and then you can stroll about in search of all the little fairy doors tucked away throughout the Village. MainStrasse Village is an historic village located just across the river from Cincinnati.


Upon returning from a trip to Paris, to my amazement, when I opened my luggage I discovered that a wee french fairy had stowed away inside my make-up bag. Of course, she looked so cute and brought back lovely memories of Paris that I let her stay in the make-up bag which I eventually moved from my luggage to my purse. Ah hah! that was her opportunity for a great getaway as I returned to my shop, she snuck out of my purse and has taken up residence here in my shop. She is such a cute little escapee!!

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